Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home



okay that would be really funny


Because it is such a simple change


Does this really matter?


Should we lounge this?


this topic is now on watching
time for my notifications to break


Why make a topic about it though just ask the owner


Literally half the forum is on is topic


she said she was too lazy i think


Heck. Is this about being popular. Good point, there.
@Hopscotchremixer I already deleted the posts so go and keep lying.


yet you made such a big fuss about it
you made a topic
you argued when hands down majority disagrees with your opinion
you made frikin tally the people who support you


I did ask LazyLizard, and she replied


Basically there were 7 people replying at one time :joy:


let’s not take sides y’all it’s my topic


It’s a small change that is not needed. Everyone knows about it and we can tell those who don’t about it.


That makes no sense lmao

If ur making a TOPIC in the name of “laziness” I think u can @ the owner in the original topic


how do u even know if it was him who flagged you?? you don’t. he admits he didn’t and he even showed u a screenshot. chill?


if the creator doesn’t want to change it, shouldnt it already be settled already

shes not gonna change the topic name


Yo, can you all just stop fighting XD


well that stinks