Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home



THIS IS RESOLVED :ok_hand:t2:!!No more argueing now!

Note-I completly support art and drawing!

The Rant:
So I am honestly kind of annoyed by this. The original point of the Drawing On Paper Compared To iPad Topic was to compare your art. For example, I can’t draw at all on an iPad, but I can draw really well on paper(this is made up)! But instead, the topic is just posting art, not comparing it at all. If people are just going to post art make just a topic for posting art, which is completely ok! But the purpose of the Drawing On Paper Topic originally was so you could compare your art! If you want ■■■■■■■■ on your art maybe make a ■■■■■■■■ topic or post art on your GT! @LazyLizard I don’t want to be mean or anything but how many times have you actually seen people compare their art on the topic? I have seen a few but not a lot, and especially not compared to the amount of people who just post art(which I love btw). So can someone just make a "Post Your Art Here Topic 1) without saying, oh that is what the Drawing On Paper Topic is for, which no, it’s not. The Drawing On Paper Topic is for comparing artwork on two different mediums.

Do you agree or disagree?

  • I agree with this all the way!
  • I agree for the most part but have some other ideas(post down below)
  • There are some good and bad points you made
  • I disagree for the most part but have some other ideas(post down below)
  • I disagree with this all the way!
  • I have some other opinion(post it down below)

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I can’t vote?? but

the drawing topic has changed. like yaygirls said, nothing can be perfect. and is this change bad? I don’t think so.

but say whatever you what.

and why did you make a new whole topic for this??? You had to make a whole new topic for a rant? What does this matter to the drawing topic? It’s fine as it is




I explained a bunch of your questions and that makes me think you just read the title


augh of course I read the post

I’m done


i don’t see why it’s a problem
i don’t think anyone ever complained before
and the topic has had many comparisons of posting drawings and then digitalizing them?
I feel like having two different topics would be a bit confusing?


Umm… I’ve compared my art to other’s art. (It makes me fill with sorrow). So technically I have compared. (WITH SORROW). I also have redrawn a few things and compared them, to paper drawings. Like my Jeffrey Brown drawing.


But I specifically answered this, if you just want to post art just
Out it in your GT or make a topic just for posting art!


As in compare Paper Drawing to iPad drawings. Not compare your art to someone else’s



My point is that it is off topic, posting just art.


A bunch of people like having other artists constructive criticicm on posts, and posting on their GT might not get as many people viewing the piece of art?

It hasn’t been a problem that it isn’t what the title says, so I don’t see a need for change?
The topic is an art topic.


ok, really? Them making new topics just for art is already aggravating enough, since the forum is for coding.

And yeah they could post it on their GT, but they probably want people to actually see it. So we have a drawing topic. boom. Go there for art


I sense a flame war :fire:


You can tag people that you want to see your art


I already said I’m leaving, but h tagged me on the post so

and yeah I’m out


but it isn’t necessary is it?
it’s just overcomplicating everything


I can’t believe nobody has even slightly agreed. The Drawing topic is for comparing art work, not just posting art work. How does anybody have a problem with this?


Tagging someone is over complicating things? People have art tag list ya know…they are even used on the Drawing On Paper topic


And I do that. I have attempted to draw people’s digital art on paper or their paper art on digital. (WITH COMPLETE SORROW)


I change from paper to iPad nearly every week. I find that I can sketch better on paper but make my art cleaner on iPad.


Same. That’s literally me,