Drawing on iPads and Papers



DISCLAIMER: There is already a few topics about this, but Why not join the crowd?

So, today I ONLY want to see drawings! Old, new, iPad, Paper, WHATEVER! I just want to see YOUR differences!


There is a already a topic for this. Don't clog the forums! We don't need more than one topic for somethings! Also this isn't really related to hopscotch! :blush:


Great topic! But please don't clog the forum!


Very sorry. I just wanna be like you guys and look at ur drawings. I'm desperate for ideas!!


It's ok! Everyone makes mistakes!


Try looking at the Drawing on Paper topic. It's the one with over 21,000 replies. :wink:
It may slow a phone or iPad mini down. And don't mind the occasional bot wars. There's a backup just incase. Just search for "Drawing on Paper". :wink:


Check out my topic on not making duplicate topics please! Here's the link: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/why-please-stop/11601


I was just trying to help you understand what people were saying, sorry if it offended you!



Remember to not make duplicates as they clog up the forums!