Drawing on iPad vs. Paper Contest




So, I was thinking…which is harder: drawing on paper or your iPad? I usually use styluses now, but in the past I used my finger. It made my skin peel :grimacing:

So I have a challenge for everyone!!! Draw a picture on paper, then draw the same exact picture on your iPad! Post your pictures!

I will nominate the places!

First place: A follow and ten likes
Second place: A follow
Third place: Five likes

P.S. Pictures in by Halloween! Any theme! Be appropriate!

And please, if you win, don't brag!


there's another topic like this go post there pleaaaaaase


what PopTart said ^^^
Please, go and post this on the Drawing on Paper topic! @HappyPerson


By the way, if you're living on the East Coast (of America), then be safe in Tropical Storm Julia. I heard about the flash-flood warnings, and I hope no one gets hurt.

Also, if you live in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri (in that region), I heard about the tornado warnings.

I know that's off topic, but I wanted y'all be safe!

(☆_☆) (≧∇≦)


@OnceUponATime and @PopTart0219

Are you saying I should close this because there is another like this?



Wait but this is a challenge...


Um.. pretty much, yeah.
Duplicate topics clog up the forum. :P
@PopTart0219, could you close this?


It's still drawing related, and doesn't have to do with a club.


This is a challenge though. I think it can stay open. But I'm no mod.


Yes but the other one doesn't have a challenge. This is ACTUALLY a challenge!
I didn't mean to duplicate. I thought of the challenge and thought it would be relatively fun!


Hmm... Well, usually all posts go in the drawing topic, unless it's something like HS requests.


I dont live in america but thanks for warning people



yeah what they said

disturbiaaaaaaaa bum bum be dum bum bum de dum dum



I think this is different since this is a contest/challenge.

@HappyPerson next time just try to make the title clearer to avoid confusion!


Thank you sooo much, @Kiwicute2016 !
I will clarify the title next time!
Now to draw!


OmNomSusie got Beepsurekt :joy:


I live on the east coast, when is the storm? Also I think since this is a contest it is ok to keep it :smiley::+1:


The hurricane is called Hermine :3