Drawing on hopschotch


Should peaple on hopschotch stop drawing on hopschotch caus it’s not cosing or keep doimg it?


I think it’s ok. If people want to draw, that’s their choice! :smile:


I have mixed fealings about it. I personaly draw on hopschotch but not that often cause i like other programs more. But idk. It IS a coding app.


I mean technically if they enforced a rule about it it would ruin some of the most popular hopscotchers and groups so… Yea


Yes but

1) hopschotch is not made for drawing

2) there are mutch beter drawing apps than hopschotch


I almost totally agree with you. Whilst your reading this, note that I’m talking about people remixing other players’ projects and drawing on them. Hopscotch was made to show your creativity in coding. Once the ‘last touch’ feature came out, drawing was a brand new feature and it was totally reasonable for people to explore the new feature. After about 5 months of that feature being explored, it got kind of old and repetitive to do.

I did notice though that you didn’t clarify if you were talking about people drawing on remixed projects, or creating your own drawing tool. I think creating your very own drawing tool by your own isn’t really a problem, and I think that adding a drawing in the thumbnail of that same project is just fine. This is the kind of stuff that inspires new players to explore more of Hopscotch and make one of their own; drawing on a remixed project and publishing it doesn’t inspire that many people as it takes lots of experience to draw.


I think there is too much drawing
It’s is coding

On the other hand people rise to fame drawing, then make their own pads
But that hasn’t happened in a while as far as I know


I’ll probably leave HS soon so don’t worry about my code-free terrible drawings ;/
Photo out


Wait, your leaving? Is it because of not coding on Hopscotch?


I think they can draw, but just not remix drawing pads and only draw in their time of HS. If they make their own drawing pads, or code occasionally, It’s fine. :slight_smile:


Drawing on remixed pads. But idk about remixing a pad you made to draw on it.