Drawing on computer vs iPad!


Hola! Before u say, "there is topic like this" I want u to know, this is computer vs iPad not iPad vs paper. Here u can talk about drawing on a computer and iPad and post pics and polls on the comparison.


Computers are impossible to draw on.
I know this is different, but nevertheless, all drawings must go into the drawing topic. :D


I prefer drawing on paper. I have tried iPad stylus and Wacom, but I prefer paper


Nope computers are possible to draw on


Fine. Really, really hard.


No actually it's really easy



Computers are nearly impossible to draw on,
Unless you have really steady hands.
Which I don't.


Drawing on a iPad is easier to draw because of stylus pens but it is easier on computer to add stuff like effects and overlays on computer.


Plus Im Pretty sure there are touch screen computers xD


Whatever you say.




Don't judge. Every time I put < it autocorrects to hahahahahahhahahahahahahuwuwuwuwiiwiwhsb.


I find it really hard to draw with a mouse! I'd say paper all the way! iPads are hard to draw on as well!


Good old paper rules.


Well, that depends. (Which is easiest)
You can use tools with both iPads and computers, like Apple Pencil, or those pencil and "paper" things for computers that I have forgotten what they are called.


You can use a drawing pad thing made for the computer, so people prefer it.

Computer is also the main thing for animations as with the draw pad can easily do anything


Take, well, any cartoon every made, for example. XD


I just can't draw xD

I don't belong here...
In this world....

Of drawing...

Creative people xD

My mind is a box lol.


I mean I have this drawing intous tablet thing 2 draw on but I haven't used in in a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time

I also can't find any drawing programs so yeah ᕕ(._.)ᕗ