Drawing gallery


Put pics you drew in hopscotch here!!!:slightly_smiling:


Wow. that is a cool picture, @Madlipsgirl! but that was not drawn in hopscotch, and that means it is hopscotch-unrelated, so i am sorry, i will have to flag it.


Oooh, that picture is nice! If someone created that on Hopscotch, I'd be sure there would be 100 like or more! But, I'm sure this hasn't been drawn yet in Hopscotch and the image you posted was not really Hopscotch-related! On your post, you said to post anything you drew IN HOPSCOTCH. I have to agree with @DrDuctape! I would flag it though.


I am sorry too, @Madlipsgirl, but it is totally unrelated to the current
topic, meaning I will have to flag it. PS: The pic is cool though. Sorry again.