Drawing erases on smaller resolution

I wanted to make a game with a smaller resolution, 423x253 and I had to use trail art for it.
The code is

when game starts

draw a trail color width 1234
:abcd: go to center

set position left upper corner of the frame

draw a trail darkgrey width 15
move forward 204
change y by -132
move forward etc etc etc basically frame

Result and the problem are:

Please help, thanks :slight_smile:


I don’t think this has to do with resolution, although there could be a correlation. The issue is that sometimes the player will clear the screen after the first frame (in your case, that would be right after the draw a trail block).

I don’t know if the behavior you described is consistent (background fails multiple times consistently with frame and draws successfully multiple times consistently without frame), but something you can do right now is add a “wait 0 sec” block before the first Draw a trail [bg color] width [#], and the background should draw every time.

I thought there was a topic already describing trails not working on first frame, but I could not find one…


Thanks a lot! I’ve also seen a similar topic here