Drawing Dots?!?



I am making a drawing pad and somehow the custom colors are drawing dots instead of a line. I know the code is right, so why is it doing that? @alish @Liza @Ian


Try putting a repeat forever block if that doesnt work then idk what to tell you


Are you using clones? If so this is probably the problem, but I don't see enough info to be sure.


No I am not using clones. The only code I am using is in the pics and set value blocks on the dots and <>. And @Fifithefunnyflower I have tried repeat forever blocks.


What is the name of the project, I will check it out.


I titled it To SQUISHY. It is under Help. @SQUISHY


BTW I got this bug fixed and now I am taking requests!!!


It's because it's constantly checking what the color is. Try this: :smile:


Oh wait, you fixed it. facepalms self