Drawing contest!



Ok I've seen a lot of amazing drawings on an iPad... But what about paper? I have a challenge. Draw a cat( u can add any feuters),dog,eye, or a person on paper, and reply. on March 15,I will announce the three winners! If you win, I will like a bunch of your topics. The challenge starts in 5,4,3,2,1, GO! Have fun!(tips! Use lines, and circles to help with difficult functions!)


I'll do it! I had a drawing of my ex cat, but I lost it.
I'll start from scratch.


I'll do it! It sounds fun!


Awesome! Have fun! See you when it's done!


I could do it! So just on paper??


I'm going to loose, I don't have any drawing supplies, but here.


Yes. Just on paper. Anyone can do this as long as they take a picture of it and reply.


I forgot! You don't HAVE to color if you don't want to. That's ok. It will take only 2 points off.


Ok. I just don't have any drawing supplies except for a pencil and lined paper.


That's fine. No prob.


Ok I'll have to do it after school in about 6-7 hours. Is that ok?


Ok thanks!
I love cats, but I don't get much time too hang out with them after mine passed. I try to take every opportunity to volunteer with dogs and cats and draw them!


Hmm what does this half to do with hopscotch?



I am going to base this off my other picture I am doing at school ps this isn't it
entering photo

Coming at you in most likely 20 minutes
Scratch that ten ish more minutes
Ok total minutes 1 hour


Totally doing this.
I'll do it when I get home from school. :3


I'm going to post a paper I made on an app, it has my ■■■■■■■■■ in it, so I'll have to replace it with my hopscotch name.


Leonardo da Vinci never finished some of his paintings due to his deat.h.(seriously, why is that censored?)


Awesome idea! But this has nothing to do with Hopscotch. If it does, like make the winners a prize on Hopscotch, then I'll join!! :smiley:


I don't have Hopscoch anymore