Drawing contest submissions!



Submit your drawings for my drawing competition here!


Where is the original topic for the challenge? I would like to get a brief overview of it.


Just go to Legendary_myth’s topics section of his bio. (gosh forumers have become super lazy)


Hey! I’ve only been on for a couple of weeks.


I wasn’t talking about you. It should be pretty easy to find the topic in your bio anyways.


Yeah, sorry, I have to admit that I was a bit lazy there.


Why… can’t you just use the original topic?


Because I’ll have to scroll up a lot and try to find them, which would take ages.


Unless you took the images and posted them in one post in a folder titled “Entries.”
But yeah, that makes sense.


I don’t exactly know how to do that…


I think we should use this topic as it is already made so please stop bullying Legendary_myth into not making it because we cannot go back in time. yet.