Drawing Contest! Ideas?



Ok, so I want to have a drawing contest!!! But I don't know what the challenge should be... So any ideas? You will get credit and a shoutout if I decide to use your idea! This probably sounds pathetic... But I don't have any good cool creative ideas right now... So yah! Please any ideas for a contest???


Drawing mythical animals/things!
Example: mermaids, unicorns, fairies..


Hopscotch logo, hopscotch Charecters, fashion, app logos.


1/2 Hopscotch-related and 1/2 not!


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Maybe they have to draw different emotions for each round, and then you can put @Intellection74's idea of the bracket contest. But remember that you should judge by effort and not which one is "better" because everyone has different styles. :D


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How would you know if someone put effort into art?


To answer you question here is two pictures I drew. Which one shows effort.




2, but that's all?


How about drawing your best realistic drawing of a person's face?


It's because in example 2, it's colored in and mistakes are erased. In example 1, you can clearly see that I put no effort at all.


I like that idea, but what if boys want to join? It has to be something for all ages that boys and girls will like.


She said ALL mythical creatures. Which means it includes dragons, monsters, elves, etc.


Maybe freestyle?


Too keep it as much hopscotch related as possible here are some challenges that you could use:

•Hopscotch character or profile picture as a human
•What a hopscotch house would look like
•Hopscotchers in animal form ( The person has to use a hopscotcher's username eg EmeralOwl, and draw that username as an animal
•Inspirstional quote made of hopscotch blocks

And so on...


Some ideas:

  • draw people with a specific emotion (happy, sad, mad, etc)

  • an animal that seems like it is always happy to you

  • how you feel during the four seasons (draw your emotions)

  • emoji

  • emojis as humans

  • flowers


You forgot about the lineart, but it's quite simple what you can judge for effort: scratchiness, smoothness, and connectedness (that's an actual word).