Drawing Contest! Free drawing pad give away! Winners Announced! congrats!



I'm doing dis awesome con test for anyone to join all you have to do is draw something, anything it doesn't have to be on hopscotch but this is hopscotch related


Please use original art NOT stealing from someone else


Your drawing must be approved by me if I don't like/or reply to your drawing I did not approve


Please don't hate on others drawings no one likes that and. Your not gonna get any attention from it

And lastly and most important..................................

Have fun! Duh!

The winner will get a drawing pad and it will be remixed from your account so when you draw on it,it won't be remixed from me it won't have the little remix thing. The other winners will get other prizes

People joined



I'll do it! Where do I draw it?


XD I guess I'll do this




Can I do it on paper and post on the forum?




Thx for the troll avatar!


Ok I'll do it now!!!!


Wow! Dats a really good prize! Do you mind if I use that as one of my future contest prizes?


@Fifithefunnyflower I said to not post on that thread -______-

Sorry, lol I like it


Sure I don't mind! You don't have to give me credit


I'm hosting my own music contest for the game I'm making. Any ideas for an awesome prize?


Yeah I know well now that topics gonna look weird...
Now get out of my topic!


I'm sorry I can't join I want to but I can't, I'm working on a big project (HP Character Quiz)


Well you can use past drawing just pick your best one!


Does it have to be a hopscotch related drawing or just anything




Can I join??


Here ya go.


Here ya go @Fifithefunnyflower I hope it's ok