Drawing Contest for HS Forumers on I Pad!


Hello guys! As you see my school banned Hopscotch so im making my challege here!
here is what u need to do:
Yes and you just need to go through a tiny bunch of posts and you will see a exsample!
this will be due by the 1st of Februrary,2018!Results come here at the 2nd of Februrary,2018!
Good Luck!


Hey, what’s your account on HS?


My Hopscotch Username is :Undyne_Spiritcat


Ok. So can I tell you something? There is a topic called drawing compared to ipad. That’s a chat where Yiu can’t chat A LOT about drawing


There’s A LOT of great coders here. You know CreationOfANoob right? Or BlastFusion?


does it have to be on ipad? cause i would rather draw on my computer


Sorry for the late reply
Yes you could draw it on different electronic devices


Is your pro pic you? Are you that green cat.


Why are all the schools banning HS? It makes no sense to me


Yeah. I think that their school app catalog might have been changed, and it’s not always the school alone that’s controlling the app catalog (I think). But HS is a really safe app so they shouldn’t be removed from app catalogs.


Well the school board should try harder to not let certain things get banned