Drawing contest! {closed} 1st challenge!



SapphireWolf(@SoBit) is having a Drawing contest! If you want to enter you have to draw a anime or chibi girl in only one colour (different shades) and shades and you are in. There will be a secret prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners. There will be rounds until I have three people left. It can be digital (on hopscotch) or on paper. There can be extra spots if you're good.
Who I'd like to join (don't have to):

@LotsaPizza (ToastedFlame)

Drawing Pad MEGA (kind of) Collab!
SmileyAlyssa CODING PARTNER! (Chosen)

Okay! You're in five Art contests!:laughing:


The goal is to try to draw what you think I look like. The contest is for all levels of skill. It's all about accuracy. I will post hints.


I will enter! So I have to draw a anime girl and SW?


SW will be the next challenge k?


Okay. Got it. How about the anime girl will be qualification for the next challenge.


The anime/chibi girl is to get in and remember it has to be one colour (different shades are allowed) and shades


What do you mean????????? 20202020


Ok I don't want to sound unintelligent but what is chibi?


What do I mean about what?


Search it up FC then you will know


its just a style of drawing just google chibi drawing or something like tht


Ok thanks


It's a drawing style. Here is an example:


Ok thanks! I looked it up i think I get it.


If you are bad at art, we will let you do the second challenge any way. I don't really care.


Ok, thanks for letting me join!


Can I join? Pls......


Sure Gracefulling! Just give an example of your art or wait until the second challenge.


Yes just draw what I said and your in!