Drawing competition!



So here we are in this happy, positive topic. If you want enter, feel free to ask me and I will accept you as soon as possible, no matter what(unless it’s already full) in which case, I will do something to make your month. There are three different categories, which all have lots of fun prizes! Here they are:

Best sketch

1st: A shoutout, a follow and a drawing from the overall winner
2nd: A shoutout, a follow and 5 likes
3rd: 20 likes and a follow.

Best digital drawing

1st: A shoutout, a drawing from two of the judges and a follow from two of the judges

2nd: A shoutout and a drawing from one of the judges

3rd: A drawing from one of the judges and a follow

Best overall

What we’ve all been waiting for. I’ll go third to first.

3rd: A shoutout, a drawing from two of the judges and get likes from me

2nd: A shoutout, a drawing from two judges of your choice, a follow and 50 likes


1st: A shoutout, three drawings from whoever you want, a follow, fifty likes, a nomination for featured and a website about you on the app.


  • Be kind

  • No inappropriate language

  • Try your best

And most important of all:

have fun!

Judges:@Kayro @Ducks_Happy

Participants: @Kitty4U @tankt2016

Please note that if you want to be a judge, you cannot partake in the actual competition.

Look at the #drawing-competition and select it to find the submissions!

Drawing contest submissions!

I’ll join! This sounds fun.
Am I allowed to enter a sketch and a digital drawing? Or only one?

How about, for the drawing requests, the person that the request is for must accept the request and if he/she doesn’t accept it, the prize winner must pick someone else?


ill try this with my n drawing


Hi @Legendary_myth this sounds really fun! Could I be a judge?:grinning:


Can I be a judge (because I probably can’t finish the drawings fast enough)


Yes, of course you could be a judge.!


You can be a judge if you want. I’ll add you.


You can do both of the categories if you want.

Yes, good idea. If you don’t want to draw for them you don’t have to.




Was this done digitally or on paper? It looks great!




Oh wow I remember him

He was the one who didn’t want pokemon to fight right


Digital lol thank u :sneezing_face:


Why was I tagged?


Because you need to draw more


I don’t draw. I’m an anti artist on HS,remember?


I meant in general.

I bet you couldn’t draw if you tried.


I can draw.
Nice try to make me draw though.


Yeah man i totally believe u


Ok show me a drawing you did on paper