Drawing Collab!



hello! my name is SilentSnow in HS, so this is a collab sense I like to do art.


Did you want to do an art collab with someone?


Welcome to the forum!
If you need my help type @Fluffymice and I’ll help you.

How to make a poll

Type EXACLY this
- (optinal)
- (text)


Remember the - for each line!

How to make Aqua text

Type this: <a> This will turn out Aqua </a>

How to make Crossed out text

Do this: <s> this will be crossed out </s>

How to make invisible text

Invisible text cannot be seen by anyone. Why would you need it? Because sometimes you have to type in 20 characters. So you can use this trick <this will be invisible>

How to make blurry text

To make this you do: [s<hh>poiler] anything here [/spoiler]

how to make a button

to do this, You type
<kbd> Hello! </kbd>

I’d love to join but I’m not a very good drawer… Sorry :grin:


I can do a collab if you want! Welcome


Hey! Welcome to the forum! I can collab with you if you want!


sure! I’m happy to do this so I’ve been sketching weird tho.