Drawing Channel!?



Should i make a drawing channel there i post everything I draw?

Because posting it on my main channel if a little meh... also its not really coding so I do not want people to think I'm lazy! :sweat_smile: So there would be drawings coming out sometimes on that new channel while i continue doing ''coding'' on my main one!
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That's a great idea! You are really good at drawing plus...your kinda a hopscotch celebrity!
No one will think YOU are lazy


Thank you @Fifithefunnyflower ! :laughing:


Just doing my job!:grinning:


and a drawing channel would be useful for other hopscotchers so they can put their drawings in a spesific (I'm a terrible speller) channel


@MagmaPOP, do you use some sort of pen to draw so accurately on hopscotch? My finger is the worst.


No, I do not use a special pen @Kiwicute2015 :wink:


I posted no only because you should do it on your regular channel @MagmaPOP!!! :smile::smile::smile:


Soooo... You use your FINGER!



I do not think you should have made a drawing channel. Sure people like your drawings, but the app is called "hour of code". I worked an entire month on a project and got 50 likes, when you probably spent 30 minutes maximum drawing a girl, and get THREE HUNDRED. Don't draw on hopscotch when you didn't even make the drawing pad.

Why did you even start making the drawings?

  • Because I couldn't make the ideas that people gave me.
  • Because I want to show off my drawing skills as much as possible
  • Because I thought that it improved my coding skills, and made me an overall better programmer
  • Other (Tag in comments)


I hope that you change your mind, and please answer.


Please, that's not very nice. Everyone is talented in their own way. Likes aren't important. If that's the reason why one Hopscotches, then he/she should quit. If one is proud of their accomplishments, the Hopscotch is for them. Hopscotching is for code as you stated, but drawing pads are quite a bore to make, especially copying the same code ten times, each time changing one small thing. I'm sure MagmaPOP could create the drawing pads as well, but would rather not. I, myself, enjoy the drawings everyone makes. Hopscotch is for creativity as well, and most drawings have to be creative.

Your projects are amazing, and as I had said before, I had Featured them two times, that's how cool they were. I understand your concern of this popularity issue, but don't let it stop you from hopscotching!:wink:


Oh yeah? Here's this:
I made a stye eye care game, which wasn't very good and it took me two days to make. MagmaPOP could make one of those in five minutes and it would be better than mine. I made a 3D lipstick, got thirteen like, while I shall not be named remixed it and got about fifty likes. I wish I could get on featured or trending at least ONCE! MagmaPOP got on it about TEN times because she just drew pictures.


MagmaPOP is a he not a she btw (sorry off topic btw you have great drawings MagmaPOP!


@SUPERSWAGGY people still code. I do it to practice because all GOOD drawing pads cost lots of money. Sometimes people do it if they are bored. MagmaPOP's channel is basically all coding. So he can still draw.


where is it? I couldn't find it? (Sorry off topic)


When i am out of ideas and do not have anything ''new'' for my followers I just draw something out of boredom. Its not my fault that people enjoy them. I created the new channel so there would be no useless drawings on my main one (that is ''all'' about coding). Also i created the channel so the amount of my followers would not affect the amount of likes it gets. @SUPERSWAGGY


@MagmaPOP here is a idea for your drawings: draw a dragon!


I'm sorry if what I said hurt your feelings, but I just think the entire drawing thing is getting out of hand.


Are you proud of your work? Do you enjoy making things on hopscotch? Likes are only for encouragements or ideas.

If things like this continue, the hopscotch team might get rid of hearts like they did with branches. I don't think anyone would like that.

Followers aren't important either. They are just saying that your projects are inspiring.

The best way to improve, this is for everyone, is to create projects!


funky 63 hates people who reposts projects with just renaming so...