Drawing challenge!



Hey guys, i posted a challenge. (For art)
The challenge is: draw an animal, and make it look fancy (like a sir)
XD I want to see what you guys come up with
@XiaoMiaoMi @OrangeScent1 @gilbert189, @seawolfwerehorse, @SmileyAlyssa

This will test out two things:
1. If ppl actually like my pad
2. If they actually do not like my pad

Please do it! XD


I will do it! I'm on my phone right now, but when I get on my iPad I will try! Can you further explain Fancy?


Search up: "fancy animals" on google images or something lol




I'll do it soon!
PS: I like the pad :wink:


There was a bug so I republished it ;-;


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Why not?

And no one is doing it lol ;-;
Guess not then


I'll do it once I get home, sounds awesome!


I'll do it soon sorry!


Here's a like!:heart::smile:
Also.. how can anyone not like your pad?! It's the most original and creative project/idea I've seen so far!


I will join! And I love your pad! It deserves to be on Featured!

Edit: @Follow4LikesOfficial, can I just draw our crazy "dead fairy princess baby cat"? He is so crazy!


Probably cuz of the music. I hope when I recreate the pieces and finish what I'm doing in the update, people will enjoy it! So far, not a lot of people remixed it. :T Floods of lotteries, every single one of them rigged.


Thank you! :D


Can I draw our crazy cat?


Sure, anything that is fancy! XD


Well, it's more cute and crazy and funny than fancy, but can I post the link of the example?


Try to make it fancy! Like add a top hat, or a monocle!


Here is the example art:



I finished @Follow4LikesOfficial!
Love the pad btw