Drawing challenge: draw you in cartoon style! Read for details!



Hi! I made my first drawing challenge! Please join! I made a drawing pad just for the challenge! I worked really hard on it, please join!
The rules are on the project!
@RobotPro came up with the idea for this, thank you!
link here! Please join!
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Can you have a link with it?


Sorry I forgot!
link here!


Bumping this up to the top! No ones joined yet:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


I'm going to join! :smile:


I'll join!


Done, except I did it on a collab account, -BOOM-. Looks kind of evil.


Looks good! I'll pick winners when a few more people enter!


@tankt2016, I went onto the account to look at the drawing again, but it said this:

Is this a glitch? Did someone delete all of your projects?


@bluedogmc-official I'll join even though I stink at drawing :wink:


Well, it was a Collab account, and it was the only project. Probably got deleted. There's still the picture.