Drawing bug! Please help!



I know other people may have reported this, but this is something I have problems with!

Your username: Bluedogmc

What kind of device are you using?: IPad and iPhone, it happens on both.

1 sentence description of the problem : when I draw, the line shoots to the side

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Open any drawing pad.
2. Draw a line down the screen
3. Watch the line go off to the side

I expected this to happen: I would just draw a straight line

But instead this happened: the line darted off to the side

Here’s some sweet screenshots:

@Rodrigo and @liza


This always happens to me! It annoys me so much!


Yeah I've told @thomas about this, they should be working on it!

Also try using Landscape mode on the iPad :wink:


It could be because you put your hand somewhere else by accident. That's what happens with me.


I think it's a actual bug. Other people have it to. I put my finger straight down and draw a line down. I'm sure I'm not touching it. :smile:


It's either a bug with your drawing pad, or a bug with the portrait mode. Try using it in landscape and see what happens.


Yes! I made a project about this, try using it in landscape mode!!


That happens to me too! Just turn your iPad or iPhone to the way the project is created and the bug should be gone! Hope this helped!


It happens to me!! It is a bug and it should be fixed soon since THT have been told about it!!!:relaxed: