Drawing/Art Club! (Please take a peek!)


Hi guys, and of course I know that there are many coding clubs on this forum, but this is the only coding club made by Caroline. I want to pick a president because I'm just hosting this, but I'm not working it. I want to see all the wonderful arts. I have a bunch of other information for the president so yeah, your going to get yourself loaded up. And their will be a co.presi, but I think the president can take care of that. And use your brain to make up stuff for art. If you don't say that you want to run for president and co.president by the end of October, you will not have a chance to be it. I will put up a vote so I can make sure who wants to be president and co.president.

  • I want to run for president!
  • I want to run for co.president!


Votes are public.


I want to run 4 pres!


Got it. So that means your in the club, and even though you are still running as president, you will still have to participate as a member.


And for everyone who wants to run for president and co.pres, you cannot change your choice.