Drawing Apps? (Recommendations)



So I'm going to start doing some drawing on I pad!

What are some really good drawing apps?
(Paid or free)

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Try Procreate



(flies off to random place)


And tayuski sketches


For free, I suggest Brushes or SketchesPro
Datz wat I got. I'm still in partay mood, sorreh


Procreate, Tayasui Sketches/Sketches Pro

SketchBookX, Brushes Redux


Tayuski sketches, procreate or brushes redux


Can you please take me off the tag list! :confused: ;-;


Procreate is amazing. I can't use money so I use Autodesk Sketchbook. Autodesk sketchbook works fine for me.


I use PicsArt. (Well, it is free)


Paper53 is free!


Wich one?

Procreate or sketchs pro?



I like Procreate a bunch....It is $6





I recomond pro create but some you can get Tayuski Skeches for Free and their is a paid version


What's the best free app?

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Idk. I used SketchBookX before.


There is a really great one called LINE brush. It is free. I suggest that one.


Adobe illustrator! (I'm the only person who uses it) and Paper 53!

How does this relate to Hopscotch?


I used this app called mobilesketch but it isnt very good. LINE brush is way better. There are all kinds of brushes, and opacity, and size, and all kinds of colors!