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Sorry one thing also what happened to the random things for the category and to everyone who draws and sketches and stuff what kind of utensils do you use like some soecific types of tools. I heard some people use PrismaColor but also I need some tips on how to shade and stuff. @Grizzlyzoe, @Hitokage, @Serenity, @WhoNeedsAName, @AnyoneWhoCanHelp, and anyone else.


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I honestly don't know -- I use prismacolor pencils, and I shade just like I would with regular pencils. Remember to keep things on-topic to Hopscotch, though, so maybe next time that you have a question, tag the people who you want in your General Topic, and ask there. :wink:


Well actually Serenity is still on the forum and she was seen just now. @Serenity over here! This topic!!


Random compilation of tips/opinions because I'm disgruntled and don't feel like writing a paragraph:

I use Crayolas because I'm weird like that :stuck_out_tongue:

But I'd say any brand of colored pencil could work if you know how to shade with it.

Something I didn't discover until later is that shading with one pencil doesn't look good, especially if you're taking a picture to post. For instance, if you're going to color something blue, you'd want to use three or four shades of blue to do so. Lay down the lightest one first, then add in the darker shades as you would if you were shading anything. It'll make the shadows much more defined.

If you're using colored pencils and want to add a highlight, I'd suggest briefly rubbing the intended area with an eraser.

Also, if you've seen any of my sodium (paper) drawings, you'd see that they're all outlined with a thin black line. I use Sakura Micron pens for that, but before I got those I used a regular Flair pen, which worked just fine.

Unless you're planning on being a serious artist, I don't recommend spending your money on "professional" art supplies — they're really expensive! If you get some as a gift, then go ahead and use them, but I personally don't plan on ever buying Copics or Prismacolors with my own money. Tools can help make an artist better, but a great artist can make masterpieces with what she already has.

Haha, @HopscotchRemixer, I was typing my reply as you were calling me over! Yeah, I'm still on the forum, and I check it pretty frequently. I just don't post often.


I use prismacolors, I guess for shading tip, look in real life at how light hits different objects and where the light source is, and try to mimic that on the art :slight_smile:


I use pencils with hb and B on them it shows you the amount of brightness and you don't even need to draw hard. It's effortless to draw with them http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/drawing-on-paper-compared-to-an-ipad-shading-shaping-etc-topic-11-official/34995/5387


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Hey thanks @Grizzlyzoe, @Serenity, @WynterDiamond, @SummarianStudios, and @HopscotchRemixer for being a great help thanks for the tips, shading tricks, and all. :smiley:


Anyone who has anymore things they have for me can also reply down below!


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I'm sorry, I don't really have too many tricks. I'm currently just making the most of my $7 Fred Meyer marker packet XD
I'm more of a digital colorer (colorist? None of Hess are words!)
But when I'm coloring with markers, to shade I lay down my base color and then define the places with shadow with a darker door. If I had more colors, I would place the lightest shade first, in all the places were I'm putting highlights, then the base around it, and then the shading color.
I'm sorry I wasn't much help, honestly 95% of the time I don't even know what I'm doing artistically (which might be why I'm not very good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Thanks @ChickenGirl for the help! Thank you!


This diagram helped me shade faces


I use prismacolor colored pencils. To blend the colors, have different tones. Like blues, reds, yellows, etc. to blend the colors, I usually blend two or more colors together lightly, and use a lighter or white colored pencil, or blending pencils to blend the colors.
If you're drawing in graphite or pencil, use drawing stumps(stubs?) they help blend the colors together. Shade the drawing and blend the shadows with a stump. I usually blend in circular motions.

If you're drawing with markers or copics... yeah I'm not good with markers ahah
Just they dry on the page really quickly so blend the colors before it dries.
If you're using watercolor-- just layer and mix colors
test out different thickness brushes or strokes


Not just faces but basically anything but thanks for sharing!


Thanks for helping @Snoopy and @ColorlessCanvas!


What do you need help with?


Hello! So indent really shade, but for hair, I just shade the top dark, the bangs lighter, and the tip of the bangs and hair dark. For eyes, I'm going to make a tutorial on how to do them my way. I know you probably have heard this, but do one step at a time for eyes. For body, first look at photos. I don't use a base, and don't have to either. Bases a hard for me to work with. For feet, start out by drawing swimming paddles feet. (You know, draw webbed feet or rectangles) Then you add on to the shape of the feet. Then you add details.