Draw Your Life! (Hopscotchified) (aka code your life)



Have you seen draw my life?

And want to post yours?
Well welcome! This is only for hopscotch tho.
You can post multiple pictures of your life! Like drawing.
Thanks @mobcraft for the idea
you can also code your life, to!
(I will update this)



I might do this.... Sounds fun!


This sounds cool! I can't draw lol


Me either XD it's so sad....


:pensive: but you can though :wink:


Nice idea!


Awwww thanks! (You cray-z boy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


You're welcome :joy:


That was a reference to all your projects that said "KVJ is a crazy boy" XD


:sunglasses: :smiling_imp:


Maybe... Code Your Life?

Just a random idea. xD


How about both?
but.... I dont know how to say it xD


I'm doing it! But, do you just take pictures of drawings?


Yeas. Or you can do something else.


Well, here is my story


At first I was liek:
"draw your life"

And then I saw
"This is only for hopscotch"


I am not good at drawing. Maybe I will code my life, but I don't know :slight_smile:
Anyways, great topic!


How I started

So basically at SKOOL we went on hopscotch and I was the best one in the class already as I made a space invaders EXTREME game so I wen those and got hopscotch made a account and yeah. 5•7 months later I came home and poof, I GOT FEATURED! I basically HAD A PARTY. Nobody at school had ever got featured so yeah I basically made a record! That's my hopscotch life so far


Oh wait
It's draw your life
I'll get on it