Draw what u think hs looks like!


So draw what u think hs looks like!!
(This is not any kind of contest!)
Don't draw inappropriate drawings!
It could be on hs or on paper!


I'll try but I don't have time right now I'll do it tomorrow k


Like hs'ers?


Like the HQ? I can tell u what that looks like:

Jk that's just some random picture on the interwebs. Soo like the people who work there?


Oh lol I thought that was real at first.


Thought it was THT HQ


lol no

I just searched "office"


Oh look what I found... XD


The HQ? Or hsers?

I accept the challenge!


Ye I'm doin dis....im gonna WIN EVEN DOUGH DERE NO COMPITITION


PS. Not a drawing. Sorry.


What are all the things on the screen? Are they Different accounts?


Can I do it on notability


Looks like the signup page on different devices


Woah, what is that on the screen?
I've always wanted to know how Hopscotch works, how Hopscotch Features projects, the code behind it and all that! I want to create a popular social media app when I grow up, and I still have a lot to learn. I really need to know how Hopscotch let's people share stuff, and other people see it.


Thats ok @Rodrigo!
Wow thats a cool picture!