Draw ur hopscotch name as human! Contest



I have started this contest on hopscotch and said if u posted on this topic u will have a higher chance of winning! So just go check my hopscotch profile u will see the contest. My hopscotch name is the same!
Sorry for the late post!


I don't get it, can you explain further?


Well, this is kinda like a commercial for the forum. To let more people come!


Try the mass tag list, they have cookies


So I draw my name as a person?


Add the mass list on this topic. (I just wanted cookies)


@Stick88 Waz a mass list and waz the cookie mean?


Can we post it here?


That's what I said u can


Uh.. So I entered, forgot to take a screenshot tho xD


U can just post it in ur profile:) like this


Oh I missed that XD. Here's mine, I can't post it in Hopscotch tho because I did it in an app, idk if that's ok or not, but....

I did this yesterday :slight_smile:


I saw your post on Hopscotch! XD


What's your HS username?


Would u mind to draw it on hopscotch too and post it here again?


I finished!


Oh wait I did take a screenshot xD


Forget the cookie! The mass tag list is the only tag list approved by BAS. Just search Friendly mass tag list :wink:



Can I do it? It might take me a few days though.