Draw pad not working?


I'm making a new drawing pad and for some reason, whenever I draw on it, instead of smooth lines, it draws DOTS. DOTS.
Can someone help me fix the code? Credit will be given!


I don't see dots. Could you include a screenshot?


You need to click on the first color for it to work. I haven't added any other colors yet.





Fixed it. On a drawing pad, you shouldn't have the iPad is pressed rule on the drawing character. :wink:



Oh um where should it be then? @tankt2016?


On the character that draws? That can't have an iPad is pressed rule, or it won't work!


But where does the iPad is pressed rule go?


On any object in the code? Only for drawing (not art pads or drawing pads), you need the rule. Unless you're using it in a game.


Where did you out the iPad is pressed rule? I don't get it.


I took out the iPad is pressed rule on the +, the character that draws. You're not supposed to have iPad is pressed there if you're doing a drawing pad.


Then on the original version I tried what you did and why did I take it out and it didn't work?


Maybe the width was on 0 or you made a mistake and instead took out iPad is tapped.


Nope I did iPad is pressed.


Do you want me to give you credit in the project?


Of course! You should always give someone who helped with the project credit!


I just wanted your permission first.