Draw Pad "Helper" Needed! (And Draw Pad Tips/HSB)



Hi all!
If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in this opportunity. I want somebody that has made a draw pad with HSB, somebody that is experienced with what I have as my draw pad, and somebody who won't take over the draw pad! It'll be awesome if they know their HSB good.
I have help from two people, but I feel like I'm loading all of the work on them. I'll have time to do it over the weekend because I kinda broke my ankle playing football.. Kinda... Anyway, I just have lag when I insert HSB in my draw pad, and it takes FOREVER to do this. It'll take thought get to decide who I want to help, but I also don't want to let anybody down.


I'll help! Check my Awesome-Pad on my account to see it! It has..



Ok! I'll tell you more after a few more people come on... I'm literally taking any advice, even if you don't get chosen. :wink:


my list of HSB colors!


I could help I had a pad with only 27 colours :pensive:


Wow! That's awesome! I use Paper 53 to mix colors and stuff.


Ok guys! @crazygoat had a pretty good idea! His HSB thing was super cool! So I'm going to start a "group edit" thing that we can put in tips and HSB! Should it be on a new topic or not? It deserves a poll!

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@LazyLizard I can help. My UptownPad has 78 colors.


Here's a tutorial:

How to make a drawing pad

Step 1

First, you should start off simple. Create the icons for your colors. This could be a square, a circle, or anything. Next, you should make your icon have a new rule: When the play button is tapped, set color to (The color you want).

Next comes the tricky part.

Step 2

Here, make a new rule for your icon. This rule should be when character is tapped, set value (Color) to 1. Each time you do this for a new icon, then set color to a different number, preferably one above the number you last used.

Okay, so now you're halfway done.

Step 3

Remember the values from step 2? Here's where you use them! Select the object that you are using to draw. Make a new rule for it. Make the rule when color = whatever number, we will just say 1, then add a leave a trail block. So if the icon that you are using has a rule that says when character is tapped, set value (Color) to 1, then find the color of that icon. Let's say it's purple. In the leave a trail block, then put the color purple. In the width box, put your (Size) value. Within the leave a trail block, put a move to my finger rule.

There you go! Repeat with all the colors, and you have a drawing pad!

Also, I would love to help!:wink:


I wish someone could help me with my draw pad if u think this should be removed then be quiet just eat ur potatoes