Draw Pad Help! Please guys!



I am making a draw pad and I am having MAJOR problems. I tried my best on the code, but I still didn't understand why!


I would just start over. You can look here


I made it to where it should work, but you have a script interfering with the color variable that I can't find, that's the problem, also, instead of having 9000+ scripts in the o sprite (the pen) you can just make it set color to the variable color, after you fix both of those problems, it should be fixed! :grinning:


just because you pointed out that it has 50 colors, I will make a drawing pad, and I will out-color you @PopTart0219, I will DOUBLE THE COLORS!!!!! mwahahahaha!!!!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


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wait a sec... 10x24=240... I will make it 240 colors!!!!!


@justanerd get ready for PopPad 3.0 :wink::sweat_smile:


When will it be out?


well mine (alpha version, only 33 colors, which is still quite a few) will be out this week


well, it's big, so I'm working on it (as we type) in glitter kitty collab, but I'm the only one on right now, 24 colors so far... already!!!!! mwahahahaha again!


mine will be out somewhat soon, with 70 colors and a new layout, which will probably be changed. It will come out, maybe early to Mid December :wink:


Hey Guys!
After school I checked, I I saw that I had 10 replies! Thank you guys so much!


So guys.................... There was a lot of feedback and I am making a poll to see what to do!!

  • Somebody fixed it to an "increase value" way, should I should that for v.1?
  • Start all over
  • Modify It so the sprite is fixed (If you knkow please tell me how!)
  • Totally ditch the idea


You may choose up to 4 options.

PS- @PopTart0219 can I use some of your code in part of mine? I will include you in credits.


Yeah sure :wink: anyone can use my code as long as I'm in the credits :smiley: , that I get recognition on it (did I spell that right?)


Yeah, I think you did. I posted the most recent one. I didn't use your code, but in the next one it will be new and different, with your name in the credits, or course.