Draw Pad Help Again



Could Anyone help me change the colours on my drawing pad because whenever I try to change the colour it always glitches in and you can't draw properly please help.
Ps who ever helps will get credit on the drawing pad


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We need screenshotessss!

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Do you live in NZ?


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When iPad is tapped, Move to my Finger

When iPad is pressed, Leave a Trail. Color=value Color. Size=value Size

When color = 1, change trail width to (insert color of choice)

When color = 2, change trail width to (insert different color of choice)


Here Is The Link

And yes I do live in New Zealand Why!!!!!


I do too! I guessed it from your profile!


Have you visited Auckland yet, it was fun!


I have been in Auckland for a few minutes only


@WinningMonkey instead of using CheckOnceIfs, go onto width and drag the value color on to the color and get rid of every other block, like this:

Also change it so on the dark purple set value color to 0 instead of 1 and go from there


I've been in there for over an hour 1!, I was super sad I couldn't go to that volcano, and obsidian,I of my favoritest words ever! (along with endadecagon, isodecagon, night fury ect. (like hop(scotch)ing))


So, what I do is make it so that it says "when color=(colornumber)" "change trail color to (color)! Look up Sparkczy. I have multiple art pads in there. Also, I can help w/ width.


I live in Auckland!!!!!


Anyway thanks all of you for helping


(did I help?) your welcome


@Stampys_fans do you live in New Zealand too


Just asking and yes you did help by making it interesting


I am fixing it!

Jk, I can't fix it. I am not that good at drawing pads. If I were good, I would actually fix it though!


Cruise, BTW, is teal commen or is it something else green? Aret here kiwi's? Or silver green ferns? (they might be in Napier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I'm not to sure what you mean