Draw or Code on Hopscotch?


I have seen a lot of drawings on hopscotch and a fair bit of coding? So Im a bit confused..would people want to draw more on hopscoth or code more. Its just an opinion..

  • Code!
  • Draw!



nuuuu no both option -puts in a both option and votes both 4 mil times
well it appears both is the winner :wink:


Well, because there are some many amazing art pads, people want to share their talents. This is okay for hopscotch :wink:


drawing coding or maybe just both?


For @SnowGirl_Studios!

  • Code!
  • Draw!
  • Both!





Thats more like it! BOTH!




Hopscotch is a coding app. It was made because a group of adults were realizing boys tended to get engineering and code presents while girls would get purses. Therefore I think everyone should stick to the code. Art is for different websites.


I personally think that art is still related to hopscotch because you have to code an art pad, but we are all entitled to our own opinions :wink:


Hi people I'm back...,


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