#draw my oc challlenge



greetings everybody! i need a good drawing for my profile picture since i am TO lazy to draw my own Oc and i want someone else to do it. soo… the hairstyle will be a girl with long black hair but i don’t want it to be so long all the way to her feet. no i don’t want it like that. she would be wearing a white shirt that says derp colored in red. her eyes are brown. her right eye has an white squared eye patch with a x on it. if you don’t understand what i mean reply. she has black round earrings. and then her skin is peach color. and her pants are shorts and they are grey. she will have a little kitsune (white nine-tailed fox that has red dashing out of it’s eyes) message me if you don’t understand. and her background will have red and pink huge dots. she will be holding a peace sign on both hands. have fun! please do this!


Cool I’ll have it done in 1 day or 5 hours! (Why does it always take so long?!) please be patient!


Sounds fun!
Again, this belongs on the drawing topic as a post, though.


oh ok. thanks for letting me know!


Xd get on the Topic drawing on paper compared to ipad i think


then ill half to copy it!


No problem :grin:

And yep, it’s the drawing on paper compared to ipad topic :slight_smile:


copy all my writing!


It’s h-a-v-e sis

Bruh you know How to spelllllll


It doesn’t take that long on a computer, don’t worry :slight_smile:





I can try too!

i hope u don’t mind. :slight_smile:


@littleredluna do u want computerized or papaer


So the Fox is her pet or is she a fox?


its her pet. the girl is not a fox


i would want it computerized


for an example this is what i drew for my Oc. sorry my hand is in the way



Here’s my drawing… I did one on paper and one digitally.