Draw Logos game! Day 3


so here i will give you guys a logo of the day then you have to make that logo your own by changing colors or adding stuff to it! If you want me to like a hole bunch of your posts then make the logo on hopscotch for me post with a #Rexerslogo!

Logo of the Day


Remember everything has to be related to Hopscotch!




Ok i'll try actually how bout to get a chance to get likes on hopscotch you can make the logo on hopscotch! @Sweetlina


Cool, I would do it but I can't. Lemme tag frens
secretly tags everyone
@PixelMaster64 @Pingu @Pink_Roses @StarryDream



Thank you for making it HS


No problem do you want to join?





I can't though!

So sorry


him baaaj on nom jaj mom jo???




Would you like to join and please don't get off topic!:grinning:


Join wat oh this I can't sorry


That's ok!


Hai potato fren @TheRainbowChicken! c:


I can do it now cause I'm at home, lemme see wat ei cen du...