Draw a trail with set position does not work as first block (OPEN)

I don’t think that’s the case. I’m pretty sure the first frame still gets erased for other movement blocks, and the chance of occurring sometimes may be because of the first frame running twice behavior

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I have tested with Move Forward, Change X, Change Y and those consistently work correctly, e.g.

When the block is Set Position/Set Origin, the trail does not draw correctly.


Are you sure the first frame (about 8 px) is always drawn? The move forward block spans multiple frames, and if the behavior is consistently erasing trails on first frame (on the first project play), then the length of the trail would appear to be shorter than 100px, though it would be hard to tell if not looking specifically


Oh I see what you mean now. That does seem to be related to drawing on the first frame then. I have come across that before, and I had not checked if the trail was shortened in this case yet.

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