Draw a trail only works once per frame (open)

iPhone 8 iOS 13.1.1 Hopscotch version 3.37.4 player version 1.3.1
If you want to draw a trail art really fast, it makes sense to turn it from something like this

Into something like this
Which you’d expect to do the same thing but faster. Instead it draws a purple dot. Here’s a better example:
This code

Draws this

I think the horizontal green lines are probably because I put the sweet positions for the trails in the draw a trail blocks but that may be wrong. But you’d expect it to draw this
And if I change the code to draw the whole screen in one frame (ish) to this

Edit: Draw a trail blocks are empty. That could be the issue I’ll check
Edit 2: same result with set positions inside of draw a tails!
Inside a custom rule, then put five of that custom rule into another one and repeat that until you have 625 of the original rule and it draws a white screen.


Oh I noticed that too. If this gets changed we could load games and trail arts much faster. Everything in one frame in fact.

We can right now, but only through use of clones, and one can’t happen relative to a previous action.


I am on an iPad right now


And what does that have to do with this bug? HS is the same for both devices right now, at least with bugs like this.




Q: Is this a feature request or a bug? I suspect a general thing that people want is for more blocks to execute per frame. So things like: draw a trail, set position, set angle etc. could happen instantly.

That would be a larger structural change, and we’re considering it. Let me know if you’re in favor.


I believe it is a bug since unless I’m missing something the code in the first post should draw a bunch of lines in one or two frames, but I may be wrong.

That sound really useful. It would actually be very useful for things like drawing complicated backgrounds quickly with one object.
Also it would make setting up objects for things like characters if you have a bunch of them for one character and want them to move together easier, especially if they rotate at all.


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