DragonLover975 Is Back


Hello forumers!

I have been gone from Hopscotch and the forum since the beginning of summer, but now I am back. I have posted quite a few projects on Hopscotch already.

However, I tried to log in on my school iPad and it said I could not log in from that IP a.ddress. @Gilbert189, @PopTart0219, @Liza, @Mathgirl, @Kiwicute2016 , @Intellection74, do you know if you could fix this or help me with it? Thanks!

I also realize that I've argued with people before and not kept my word. I'm going to try to be a better person this time on the forum.


That happens to me with my other wifi

You have to disconnect from the wifi source then log in, but then you can connect back to the wifi

Welcome back!


I've connected and disconnected quite a bit from that wifi now, since I connect every day at school and disconnect when I leave.


Yay! Welcome back!
So you haven't quit! That's good! :smiley:


Sorry if you thought I quit. I guess I left without warning anyone it was just a break. :sweat_smile:


Welcome back! I joined recently, so I don't know you xD


Yay! Welcome back! Woo


She made the DragonPad.
It's cool if you don't know what it is.
Also @DragonLover975 you are senpai


Hi, @ThePickle. I mostly do games and art. I'very been Hopscotching since November 2014, and I have 2 Features. You can look at my profile for more. :blush:


I've been Hopscotching since October 2014 xD


Welcome back!!!!! :tada: