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Hi, I was just promoted to a member so I think this is the right choice for a topic. I can take requests on these things: Games, music, trail art, logos, animations, and basically everything but pixel art. I’ll post a link when done. Please ask me specific things like color, what it looks like, etc. 。◕‿◕。



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I would like a remake of the classic game, Temple Run.

If you don’t know how Temple Run works, then here’s how it works:

When the game starts, you are running from a band* of angry gorillas that are trying to catch you. Along the way, you are collecting gems. These gems give you an increase to your score. You are trying to get to the main temple. The game ends either when you arrive at the main temple (victory) or the gorillas catch you (defeat).

*A band is the term used to describe a group of gorillas.


Okay! Seems complicated, and it might take a long time, but I’m definitely up for it!


Cool! I’d like a tapper game, but like something original, like a tapper game that every time you tap something weird happens, like, idk a milk factory, or a fight, something unique


Okay I’ll finish that a little bit before @Cocoa_Viola ‘s request, but it sounds fun!


I’m so sorry that I was busy, so I didn’t start the requests yet. I’ll start later today or tomorrow @Cocoa_Viola @Rodrik834

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You may go ahead

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