DragonDolphin Halloween Collab



Collab for me (Giraffedolphin26) and @DragonLover975 to work on our Halloween project on Hopscotch (on account DragonDolphin)


I did all the scroll coding, but it is adjustable. How many videos do we want to have? I just did a couple to start us off


I think the videos we have now are good, but if you come up with more ideas you can add them.


I am going to publish what you have so far (just the scrolling code) so that it is not deleted and then I will work on the clicking feature. @DragonLover975


I changed the clickies so that instead of a square, I placed a rectangle. except for the last movie which is long so it needs a square


@DragonLover975 you can work on the code and script to finish off the intro video, and I will start work on the Frankenrilla video


Sounds great! I am thinking of adding stuff to make it seem even more similar to YouTube, like a random number of views or likes


I just realized that this is going to take a whole lot of code!! Is there possibly a way we could make this simpler?


Um...if you could think of a way that would be great!


GiraffeDolphin, i can do most of the videos if you want. I have experience doing lots of coding at a time because I like to make big games, and I've also made videos before. I just need a storyline to make them on. If you wanted to make the outline I could do the actual coding?