Dragon-Pad v2.1



I'm very excited that my DragonPad got on Featured! Thanks to everyone who put it on Trending and thanks to the Hopscotch Team for putting it on Featured!

I'm running into a problem though. My colors are limited at 60, because after that I will run out of room on the left tab. Version 2.2 will have eight more colors, but after that I can't figure out what to do. I was thinking of moving some colors to the right tab, but it would look strange having split colors. I also wanted to add more emoji combos, but have the same problem. I don't want colors to take up too much space, or else there would be no room left for drawing.

If someone has a workable solution I will credit them.


I suggest making a tab on the bottom that stores everything and is scroable! I love your drawing pad!


That is a pretty god idea! Then I would be able to eliminate one of the tabs, giving more space to drawing. What if I kept the left tab though, because I only know how to make scroll code vertically? It will probably take a while to readjust the design though because of all the characters.


When I do make a change to the layout, it will probably come in version 2.3 because I want to decide the next eight colors first. I like @Phase_Studios idea, and I'm still open to suggestions.


I would use it normally, but it's so laggy! 🙁


@DragonLover975, All you have to make it X axis is to reverse every thing and make it into the X position stuff.


You can make a totally separate menu to select the colors. You press a button, and a square covers the entire screen. (Emoji) and all the color options and stuff will appear, you chose what you want, then press a back button that makes the options and square disappear.


I was thinking of that too, but the problem with that is that it will draw through whatever emoji or text I use. For example, if a black square came up and you tapped an option, when you went back there woukd be a bunch of colored dots.


VALUES!!!!! CHECK ONCE IF!!!! What do you think? If you use values and a check once if, you can make it so it won't draw as you select. Eh? Eh?


That would be pretty cool, and I could combine the scroll idea into it to make an almost infinite amount of colors. The only problem if I did that is that it would be super laggy. @Rawrbear said it was already laggy with all the stuff on it. Check once is a super great solution though!