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This topic is about dragon Q and A and more. Share your ideas and ask questions about dragons. Lets's say you have a question on one. Ask it on this topic, and maybe @DragonQueen3 and @MegaRayquaza (Me) or anyone with knowledge about these legendary beasts will answer. You can also post art too. So summarizing, this is probably a mini-forum containing real dragons where you can ask anything about them. Have fun!


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Cool! Could you relate this to Hopscotch or coding? We could make projects on them somehow! :dragon_face:


Once I drew an amphithere and called it a dragon, and @DragonQueen3 had to tell me about how amphitheres are different from actual dragons.

Are there any other species (subspecies? idk?) that we should know about? How are they different from the general term "Dragon?"


Ya! We could make projects on some info, code an encyclopedia... so yeah. This is to help people learn about dragons. Never trust some wikis. Trust us.:wink:


Ok, good!


I know, right?

I can't find any valid or clear information on dragons when I just search it up on Google. It's all very region-specific, when I'm looking for a site that tells me about dragons in general.


That's a hard question, but the general term dragon comes from Greek: Dracon,(Sorry, can't do the accents on dracon) meaning huge, serpent like creature, dragon. But amphipteres are related to dragons, but they're serpents. Dragons in general are serpent like, but aren't quite serpents. You think of dragons as 4 legged, winged, fire breathing creatures. Amphipteres come from the general term dragon, but are from a different legend that other cultures believe. Notice how we don't say: Amphiptere dragon, or Wyvern dragon? That's because other cultures say that they're not a dragon, but some sort of other legendary, dragon like creature. But they all do come from dragon, so they're not dragons, but are related.


Here's and image of an amphiptere and a general dragon. https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fimages5.fanpop.com%2Fimage%2Fphotos%2F28600000%2FAmphiptere-and-Dragon-mythical-creatures-28642830-1024-768.jpg&f=1


Fun Fact:Some rare dragon shifters (such as @DragonQueen3 and me) can be a dragon or a human whenever they want. These types of dragons are known in a category called Sarcenos Morpholgis.


Anyone can post art of dragons on here! @Yellowdragon @Firedusty @DragonQueen3 are some suggestions of Hopscotchers that can post on here! (I'm just blanking on names here)


Can you tell me a little bit (if you know) about the wings of fire book series? I heard its good, and I'm drawing a couple of dragons from it for requests. :smile:


So in this story there are 5 dragonets who were born and raised in a blocked off cave. Their eggs were stolen by a group(no spoilers!). These dragonets try to escape, and when they do, the series tells you about their individual adventures to find their families, and so much in between.


:weary:( DQ is gone now... 1 dragon expert down.