Dragon Draws! (For Drawing and coding dragons)



I'm planning to do a dragon thing, where you post YOUR drawings of dragons! (Do not copy my style PLZ) Make up your own drawing style,,then post! I'm curious to see the styles you use! And, LittleDragonite, I'd love to see your drawings on paper. :slight_smile: Enjoy!


Also, @LittleDragonite11 is on the forum and there is already a topic to post your drawings.

Please search before you post.


Mine isn't for just drawing. It's for DRAGON drawing. And, for dragon coding(coding dragon games)


Oh... Interesting



Of course I'll show the comparison! :blush: smiley: Gues which one is paper and which on and is iPad :slight_smile:

Also, DQ could you show one of your drawings on paper? I saw your t-Rex and it looked super cool!



Both look absolutely amazing! ;3



That's really good! Maybe post them on the Drawing Topic (not hard to miss) so that the forum is not too cluttered. :slight_smile:


Here's a dragon I drew on paper! This is basically what a lot of my dragons that I draw look like. :3


Can we draw on paper? I love dragons but I am not good at linking stuff or drawing in hopscotch. (Except if I don't have to color the picture.)


Ummmm, I'm just gonna draw in Hopscotch.
It isn't gonna have color though :pensive:


Hi DragonQueen! I know I left Hopscotch because the school iPads were taken, but I'm still on Forum and I just found out WHOA you have a YouTube channel and WHOA you draw so much better than me and WHOA you do speed paints too?! I'm kinda saying the same thing as I ramble on and on and on and on about how good you are and how you must have more videos and subscribers than me... Idk. How Long do ur videos usually take for speedpainting? Mine are an average of three to four hours.


Mine from 20 minutes to an hour. Starara took an hour, she was SOO hard! XD I was sweating when I finished drawing her.


Also, I subscribed to you,(I'm Dragon Queen on YouTube) here's a link to my channel if you can't find it!


OMG thx so much!! That means a lot! I'll go sub you too..


Might take a while tho, I'm on a old and slow ipad.


Well, Starara now looks positively AMAZING so you did a great job!! My drawings are rather simple. I can hardly do good lineart.


These look AMAZING!!!


As you can see, my style is pretty much limited to baby dragons for now.


Wait @xxNeOnDraGoNxx your on the forum?! I finally found you ;-;