Dragging multiple blocks


I think that it would be better if users have the ability to drag multiple blocks like in Scratch. In Scratch, blocks are snapped together while Hopscotch blocks are seperated. If you click on a block in Scratch then drag it, the blocks below will follow. It is possible in Hopscotch if it is inside another code block. But if you want to drag specific blocks, the feature mentioned would be helpful. It is especially helpful if you are transferring blocks. But due to Hopscotch blocks being seperated, you have to drag one block at a time.


It would be sorta nice to have a “select blocks” button that you can hit and then select blocks to move around.


True. But I think that snapped code blocks like in Scratch and Tynker are also helpful.


Though if you only wanted to move one block in a long sequence of code, it would be kinda annoying if the whole sequence dragged along with the one block.
Though if you wanted to move the whole sequence it’d be helpful.
Maybe a Select Multiple Blocks option like Amberheart said?


Moving 1 block is a disadvantage for Scratch probably. I guess Hopscotch has an advantage.

In that case, I think that Amberheart’s idea is the best option.


A work around is to create a custom Ability, drag the collection of blocks you want to move into the ability, move(drag or cut/paste) the ability, then drag the blocks back out of the ability. Or just leave them if you may move the blocks again.


(Then you have to move all of the blocks into that ability)

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True. I think @Amberheart’s idea is the most efficient.