"Drag me down" by one direction


I know this is off topic but I can't help it. This is my favourite song. ♪all my life you stood by me, when no one else was ever behind me! All these lights, can't blind me! With your love, nobody can drag me down.♪


I love that song too, but let's try to relate back to Hopscotch :wink:.

What if you make a project with the song?


I have an idea! Maybe make a project with a Hopscotch character singing the song! I also like the song! :smile:

I'm outta likes, so: :heart::heart:.


Sorry. I couldn't help myself!:stuck_out_tongue:


Oh.... Well there is one thing you probably might not know.


That's ok! Do you think you can relate this back to Hopscotch by making a project based around this song, like BuildASnowman's Torrent?


Well, hearing you guys talking to me about making something on Hopscoch, kinda hurts my heart.


Oh no! Why? Do you not enjoy coding?


Oh... I forgot. :grimacing:

@Kiwicute2016, any ideas on how to make this forum related? (I believe she had to delete the app.)


Well... The thing is... I deleted hopscotch. Please don't kick me off the forum!


Off Topic! Sry

I like your new title! It's so cool! :smiley:


(If you don't mind me asking) why did you delete hopscotch? :frowning:


Wait. Why are you on the forum if you quit??


What is, @SmileyAlyssa?


I lost my friends I had. This is my chance to be happy again.


Oops! Sorry for my ignorance! I'd forgotten you deleted Hopscotch!


Like @Kiwicute2016's title it's a new day and a new start! You can be happy again, you will get better friends! Let's be happy


It's ok. I totally understand if you didn't see it.


Hmm... anyone have any ideas to make this related to Hopscotch without Hopscotch? (Does that make sense?)


To me mabey... Um, I can talk about how much I miss it.