Drag and drop not working



My drag and drop is not working help


This is weird, it should work.
If it's to small, try to make it bigger but maybe it's a problem in the icon itself.
Here, I tested it and it works perfectly, can you share your project?


Ok I made it bigger to this size:

Doesn't work.


When I said share your project I mean't publish it so I can see it.


Ok. I just wanted to show you it doesn't work.


Project is here


Ok problem solved.
This is wrong:

When cupcake is pressed

You chose the wrong cupcake.
You have to chose the last cupcake.p, because you have two of them.


Same for the

When cupcake bumps dino

Wrong cupcake.

I like your game, if you need any help just ask, @TromaxTheDestroyer


Ohhhhhhh ok I forgot I had two of the same charecter


I just realized that this game might be the most coding I've ever done. I'm coding a game in the game. There are going to be plane emojis in edit mode that only play their role when you press the button to play the game in the game.