Drafts Going Straight into Editor



I noticed that with the new update, drafts automatically start in the editor, and for that matter, you can't leave until you go into the editor. Has anyone else noticed this? I think it's a little inconvenient because I can't tell all my drafts apart from the jumble of code, I like to have a visual of what the project looks like.


I have noticed this too! I would rather have a picture of my finished product than a bunch of code.


I'm fine with seeing lots of code but I don't really like having to leave the project in editor.


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Thanks for bringing this up, @Waffle_Draws.

Yes, I have noticed it too, but I assumed that it was just an issue for older iPads like mine. I guess not.

Now, I assume that the HT are aware of this... but, at first, I thought it was a :bug: I reported it in an email weeks ago. Without a reply, I can only assume that this is a "feature" rather than a creepy-crawly.

For my part, I [really don't like] having to drop back into the editor to save. It's harder for me to tell the difference between one project and another in the project matrix.




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Brackets? @seawolfwerehorse, what does that refer to?


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Oh, yes. So, I think it used to be that if we wrote the word "hate", the forum filter would make blocks. So, as a habit, I would put brackets around an equivalent phrase. I can see that it does not do that now.

Draft suggestionâœđŸ»

I don't think that it really matters that the projects show a bunch of code. I name my drafts differently so that I can tell them apart.


I see your point, but some people (like myself) rely on the visuals to tell the projects apart. Personally, I don't name my projects until I'm ready to publish them, but this is a step we can take to adapt to the new update.


Yea, we noticed this too! This should be changed in the next update.



Thank you, @ian. It gets hard for me to quickly close a project to get to another. I love how it goes straight into the editor though :wink:.


Also @Ian, what's being added in the new update?


If you need a visual, you could have a text object describing the project such as "tapper game". Until the update, you could just do this and delete it when your ready to publish.