Drafts bug... ;-;


I'm trying to make a project, but the most important part got deleted when I logged out and back in. It actually happened with 2 projects ://

Your username: The username of the account I was using at the time was -frangipani-

What kind of device are you using?: An iPad mini

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was going into drafts then part of my code disappeared

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Make a draft
2. Log out then log back in
3. Go into your drafts

I expected this to happen: See my code as it was when I left it

But instead this happened: The code for a certain object had been deleted

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


Huh, that's strange. Maybe email THT


@Liza @awesomeonion (I don't know who else still works for THT)

Is the above a confirmed bug? Are we back to drafts not saving in the new version??

Are the draft "merging" bugs mention in several other reports a confirmed bug?

Was the "file size" bug fixed in the most recent version (I asked this elsewhere but wasn't answered).

THT has been noticeably silent for the past couple months. If you could be more engaged, if would be value added for the user community. I know that most of the forum use is idle chit chat, there are still some who come here for HS information & to attempt to provide actionable feedback to you. We need more feedback on bug reports & to be kept informed of known bugs. Please.


Wait rodrigo doesn't work for hopscotch anymore?


huh, I dont even know what that block is


I will check into this bug.
And the draft growing bug turned out to be harder than we thought to fix so it's not done. If you tell me specific projects that are suffering from this issue I can go in and fix them individually!

Sorry guys, we really appreciate the time and energy you put into helping us find bugs with Hopscotch. And we definitely owe you more in response! Our team is now just @Liza @Rodrigo and me so we don't have as many resources for the forum. Hopefully we'll be hiring more people soon. In the meantime you can always get a response if you email help@gethopscotch.com it's a little easier for us to find the important stuff here.

  • AwesomeOnion


The website says it's only Liza, Rodrigo, Sam, Jocelyn and Emily. @ValueGamesStudio


@awesomeonion Thank you for the response. And I appreciate the offer.

I've offered to do this as well for the community as I wrote a Windows exe to automate the fixing of a json file (this may save you some time, better spent on improving HS). And I know of a couple others who have cleaned their projects through other means/languages. If I knew how to publish my exe online so it could be run as a remote application, by any platform, I'd be happy to do so.

However inconvenient the file size bug is, as a matter of priority, I'm more concerned about users potentially losing data. Please comment and update us as much as possible about drafts not saving or being merged. Thank you


I used to have that problem until
I updated Hopscotch. Boom. Problem solved. lol.


@DECODECO Which problem was fixing for you by updating?


The exact problem from the problem of this topic.


@treefrogstudios Which version do you have? Is it the latest one?


Hmm. Let me look at any more of TFS's latest editor pictures to get some context..


Yes, I do have the latest one :D


Well, does the App Store let you update it any more?
okay, wow, that's different..


What do you mean? I updated it on the App Store as usual.


Okay, maybe

  • Delete various and unnecessary drafts
  • Delete and re-download Hopscotch
  • Restart your iPad


Wait sorry, wait about Maimouna and Meg?


Did you get my email about the bugs and slowness of Dino Run, or did @Liza? I suggested a few consequences and solutions in there.


And @Montoya?