Drafts are deleting without me pressing the delete button


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: CoderOfMagic

What kind of device are you using?: an IPad and a iPhone 7

1 sentence description of thé problem: I was checking my drafts, and it two weren’t there

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Code a project on two devices, in the timespan of a week
  2. Code more on one device, and then go to the other
  3. The drafts are not there on one device, and the old, not updated version is one the other device

I expected this to happen:
The draft was there, even though in one device it might of been the old version

But instead this happened:
It deleted, like it wasn’t there on one device, and there was the very old bersion on the other device

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

(Old version on phone)

(Constantly coded on iPhone(the draft isn’t there)


I have replied!!!
Our meme lord and savior- GweTV


Do you know who could fix this?
Also thanks Savior


I don’t really know anybody who could fix this…
Try asking your tag list or the HS curators
I can tag @Rodrigo


Do you know why this is happening?




Whoa that’s kinda really weird.
I had something similar where in a pixel art project, objects and wholes giant lines of code kept randomly deleting, but nothing like a whole project.
Rodrigo told me to get beta and that helped a lot, so if you don’t have beta try to get it.

And @CodeHelp, if you were tagged, look at the first post (description?)


I don’t think they would exactly know… try some of the active moderators.


you could try logging off your phone and logging back in


I think your accounts aren’t being synced. Try logging out of iPad and back in. Also just confirm that your WiFi works.


Let me try that

@Apricity, sorry if this isn’t what you wanted…



This has happened to me to a few months back. I told them about it but they never got back to me.


If my drafts don´t sync immideately, I usually do this:

  • Publish the project from the device where the project has been created.
  • Enter the project on the device you want to sync it to, go into the project and tap “Save to draft” (just to make an extra copy in case anything goes wrong with the download, which shouldn´t happen)
  • Go back into the project and tap “Unpublish”. Confirm the action.
  • Two drafts should now be in your “Drafts” tab.

I hope that this helps! You can always email THT if the project doesn´t get solved or is repeated.


Turns out it’s on my mother’s device(I downloaded Hs there)