Draft Project with Purchased Art Deleted

I made a project with seeds, it was originally gonna be a book/story but I changed my mind and deleted the drawings, so the scene was blank, and then it just automatically deleted? It isn’t a bug I don’t think but this still really annoys me qwq
Maybe there could be a warning if you have a draft that you used seeds on before it happens? (comment on the topic, not entirely about this btw)

Or could I contact Hopscotch or something? My phone is somewhat broken so I can’t get more seeds (or any in-app purchase from anything for that matter)
I could probably find another way to get seeds, I’m just annoyed rn


Scenes automatically delete on purpose, but it is unintended for that to happen. I would email hello@gethopscotch.com to get help and a refund!


I have already used some of the other seeds I got from that purchase, could I still get a refund for just those seeds that were spended on the draft? /genq


I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand what you mean?


I think they bought a bunch of seeds at once and they spent some of them for real on other stuff and that worked and they just want the seeds that got deleted with the scene back


Oh then I don’t see why not :))


probably just 50 seeds refund


I decided to gift you some seeds. I know I’m not usually supposed to do it in a case like this, but I really don’t mind. I got more seeds than I know what to do with anyways…


Really sorry about that happening @Brewer. We can definitely refund the seeds for you – I’ve refunded 50 seeds to your account now.

Yes scenes are deleted when they’re blank, and same with projects, when you exit. We shouldn’t delete them when you’ve purchased art for that draft though. That is something we can fix in the future. Thanks for posting here about it.

And yes as others mentioned, you could also contact help@gethopscotch.com in future if you need.


Aw thanks! : )


We have a fix for this in the works – projects should not automatically delete when they’re empty, if it is a project with purchased art.

@Brewer I just wanted to check steps for how you created the draft and purchased art for it, to make sure that we can test properly. Can you let me know these, if you get a chance? (It’s ok if not)

  • Hopscotch version (you can go to the ‘Me’ tab on Hopscotch, tap :gear: in the top right, tap ‘About’, and take a screenshot)
  • steps to create a draft (through video tutorial, or just a normal draft)
  • steps to purchase art (e.g. you open the object keyboard, tap “Draw” and tap “Done”)

My app version is 3.65.0
Make a project, purchase a drawing/photo with seeds, delete everything, then exit
hope this make sense qwq


This should now be fixed in Version 3.66.0. Let us know if there are still any issues.


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