Draft missing on one device? [SOLVED]

Your user name: tankt2016

What kind of device are you using?: iPad 6th gen

1 sentence description of the problem: I began a draft on one iPad, and logged in later on another iPad. But the draft wasn’t on the second iPad.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Idk

I expected this to happen:
Obviously I expected my draft to be there.
But instead this happened:
Obviously it wasn’t.
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
There’s no shape art draft.

Oh yeah, also one of my deleted drafts keeps coming back for some reason.


You have to wait for a while, log out and re log in a couple times and that’s should fix it


Hmmmm could you stop making topics with the same bug?


The other topic was in pending I think


Do you have a good and stable internet connection?

Yep, I think.

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Oh yeah, also I logged on on the second device about an hour or two after coding the draft on the first device.

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What numbers do you get if you perform an internet speed test on here on the device with the draft on:


This has happened to me before. What often do is publish the project, visit it on the other device and then tap “Save to draft” to copy it onto that device. Then, I unpublish it. You get two copies, which is just for safety reasons in case something goes wrong, really. That shouldn´t happen though.

Maybe you need to upload it (not publish it) while on WiFi?

Just make a change to the draft

I don’t think this is relevant anymore


So only clive?